Satellite Industry Leader Awards

Once again, the Global SatShow will be honouring those who have achieved excellence. The Satellite Industry Leader Awards, known as SIL Awards, are to recognise and celebrate the companies and personalities that are making the biggest difference in the industry. During a prestigious ceremony, taking place on the second day of the event, the 3rd Global SatShow will be honouring recipients with the following accolades:

Satellite Operator of the Year – awarded to the satellite operator that has had the biggest impact on the market in 2016-2017 

Disruptive Innovator – awarded to the company that has redefined satellite connectivity through the launch of technology, products, services or a business model   

Industry Influencer of the Year – awarded to the personality that has had a significant role in shaping, promoting and bolstering the satellite industry     

Satellite Business of the Year – awarded to the company that has achieved growth in terms of contracts, revenues, sales, partnerships, expanding portfolios and innovation

Satellite Humanitarian of the Year – awarded to the company using satcoms to benefit a nation or region in terms of economy, security, education, knowledge, the environment, healthcare or disaster rescue and recovery

The winners of the SIL Awards will be chosen by a panel of judges comprising analysts, researchers and journalists, who will determine the most appropriate and deserving winner without any bias.


Know a candidate deserving of recognition? Then let us know! The 3rd Global SatShow invites you to make nominations. Candidates are also entitled to nominate themselves.