13-15 April 2022
The 6th Global Satellite and Space Show will connect the industry online
2022/03/23 08:00:00


Global Satellite and Space Show

The Premier Soluitons for Space and Satellite Technologies

The 6 th Global Satellite and Space Show will take place between 23-25 th of 2022 at Antalya International Airport Hall 3. The Show will integrate the latest satellite and space Technologies and will your network bigger.

Be part of the synergy. Join the Global Satellite and Space Show, Shaping Future Communications




The Global SatShow & Broadcast Eurasia is currently accepting speaker requests and invites interested candidates to apply for a position. If you would like to be a speaker at one of our conference sessions, please download the speaker request form and return it to the conference director. Alternatively, contact the conference team for more information by clicking the button below.





Antalya International Airport

Dates & Timing

13-15 th of April 2022 09:00-18:00 , Antalya International Airport

How to Get There

Direct flight from 104 countries all over the World and İstanbul diverted flights 160 countries.

Need an airport transfer? Please contact the Global SatShow management team and we will make arrangements for you.


Require a Visa?

Turkey provides direct access to travellers from numerous countries; granting visa-free entrance or visa upon arrival. However, if you require a visa in advance, we recommend you apply through the e-Visa website, it’s the quickest and easiest way and is done in three simple steps. The website is available in multiple languages for your convenience.