The Global Satellite and Space Show

If you are serving broadcast, military & defense, mobility, O&G, telco, freight & logistics and enterprise verticals, then the Global SatShow is the premier marketplace for you.





Ground Equipment Providers

Launching Technologies

Military Mobility

Military Satellites

Mobility of Cabin Interiror

Satallite Manufactures

Satellite System Providers

Why Attend?

  • Discover the latest Technologies for space, satellite and launching sytems to reach space and mobility
  • Strengthen your business by building relationships with new suppliers and networking
  • Gain insights from industry experts and market analysts at the sessions and CEO Summit
    as disruptive trends and the most pivotal market issues are addressed

Who Attends?

The Broadcast Eurasia benefits an array of trade professionals.
Typical visitor profiles include:

  • Space Agencies
  • Space Technology Providers
  • Satellite Operators
  • Satellite Manufacturers
  • Launchning Systems Technology Providers
  • Sattlite Sytems Providers
  • Air Mobility Connectors
  • Aviation Mobility Sytems Providers
  • Rocket Fuel Suppliers
  • Telecom and Wireless Systems Providers





Antalya International Airport Hall3

Dates & Timing

22-24 th of April 2020 09:00-18:00 , Antalya International Airport
Hall 3

How to Get There

Direct flight from 104 countries all over the World and İstanbul diverted flights 160 countries.

Need an airport transfer? Please contact the Global SatShow management team and we will make arrangements for you.


Require a Visa?

Turkey provides direct access to travellers from numerous countries; granting visa-free entrance or visa upon arrival. However, if you require a visa in advance, we recommend you apply through the e-Visa website, it’s the quickest and easiest way and is done in three simple steps. The website is available in multiple languages for your convenience.